About Us

A Warm Welcome to the Enthusiasm, Energy and Excellence that is Ashton Park School.

My child went to an outstanding primary school but has really blossomed since starting at Ashton Park. All her teachers know her well and she has flourished from positive praise. There is also clear direction as to how she can further improve. For a large school it is very nurturing. My child feels valued and secure and most, importantly, happy.PARENT
We are a popular, oversubscribed school that is committed to providing all our students with an exciting and challenging education where learning, achievement and enjoyment are at the heart of what we do. Our £18 million state of the art building and magnificent grounds allow students to fully enjoy our beautiful setting in the footprint of the Ashton Court Estate.

Ashton Park is a school with high aspiration and real, achievable ambition for its students. We set high standards and expectations in all that we do. Our examination successes reflect the highly committed and professional staff, the hard work of our pupils and the support of our parents. Indeed, key features to the school’s accomplishments are the positive and productive relationships we build with students, parents and the wider community.

We are continually working harder than ever with local schools and partners through our Co-operative Trust status. Through this we ensure standards continue to rise and opportunities improve for all young people in South West Bristol. This puts us at the heart of the community we serve and gives our community a clear voice in the future development of Ashton Park School. Collaboration is one of our guiding principles and we are proud of the excellent work our School Sport Partnership does with partner primary schools locally. We have a successful Sixth Form that offers progression to Post 16 and further education.

Ashton Park School has a special feel with a positive learning ethos and a fantastic range of opportunities for young people within and beyond the classroom. We believe in the potential of all our pupils and work tirelessly to ensure they succeed educationally as active, responsible citizens prepared for the future and able to contribute positively to society.

Nick John, Headteacher

Caring & Principled

I feel like the school really wants to look after me.YEAR 7 STUDENT
We hold a firm belief that social and emotional well-being creates the foundations for productive, healthy behaviours and educational attainment.

Social and emotional wellbeing includes being happy, confident and in control with the ability to solve and cope with problems and have constructive relationships with other people.

This is an area we pride ourselves on and is the responsibility of everyone including parents, teachers, support staff, governors and professionals with public health as part of their remit working in education. Ashton Park School strives to provide a happy, safe environment which nurtures and encourages young people’s sense of self-worth, reduces the threat of bullying and promotes positive behaviour.

We care about the whole person and each individual plays a valued part in the life of the school and our community.

Teaching Quality

Ashton Park is really good at pushing me and challenging me to get the best grades I can get.YEAR 10 STUDENT
It is our responsibility to provide the best possible education for your child.

We are sure that you as parents and carers have the highest expectations of us as we have the highest expectations of your child; this is the foundation on which a high quality and fully rounded educational experience is built. At the core of this are our dedicated and professional staff, and students who are happy and confident outstanding learners.

We aim to achieve this by providing a balanced, comprehensive and meaningful education for all learners by providing an engaging curriculum in a safe and inspirational environment where high standards and expectations encourage success.

It’s a collaboration between the staff that trickles down through the students.ART TEACHER
We aim to empower our learners so they can apply their acquired skills and knowledge in order to confidently express themselves throughout their lives and future careers. Our high standards are achieved through effective leadership, outstanding teaching and committed stakeholder engagement from the Trust and community. Thus, our learners are prepared to pursue their own personal excellence and lead productive, responsible lives as contributing members of the global community.

Breadth of Opportunities

There is warmth at the heart of the Ashton Park community which ensures students can thrive in a safe, secure and inspiring environment.

Ashton Park has developed an innovative and inclusive curriculum in which we value creativity, individuality and variety. We are proud of the extensive programme of enrichment opportunities on offer.

Each year many of our students widen their horizons through school trips and activities such as Ten Tors and D of E. As well as many visits around the UK, our students have opportunities to experience countries in Europe, Africa and beyond. Since 2003 Ashton Park students have been travelling and working with schools in Kenya and now Tanzania on building projects and classroom activities. Well over £70,000 has been raised to support this work.


My lessons generally start with some kind of spark of fun engagement, and then I take the students where they need to go with their learning.SCIENCE TEACHER
All Children Have Great Potential.

We are a school where every child is empowered to achieve and be the best they can be regardless of their background and experience, the challenges they face or the needs they may have. At the heart of this is raising aspirations and a firm vision that all children have a right to rewarding and enjoyable educational opportunities that are engaging and inspiring. Our students are challenged to achieve at least what they are capable of with an intention that they exceed expectations.

Co-operative Values

We’ve all made really good friends – it’s a really good feeling to know that you’ve helped someone.YEAR 11 STUDENT
Our vision as a trust school is to help all children and young people in our schools to enjoy learning, be ambitious, raise their attainment and aspire to worthwhile careers and lives.

Steered by our moral values and principles, we are finding new ways to work together and to engage with our local community. We believe that all this work will create stronger schools and a stronger community spirit in South West Bristol.

This Trust was set up in April 2010 and there are nine partners altogether. We are: Ashton Park School, Luckwell Primary School, Compass Point, South Street School and Children’s Centre, Ashton Vale Primary School, Bristol City Council, Bristol City Football Club, The University of the West of England, Tobacco Factory and The Co-operative Group. Each Trust school is proud to have its own identity and to reflect and belong to its own diverse local community. At the same time, our schools find strength and many opportunities in working
together as a Trust.

Our Shared Principles and Values

As a member of The South West Bristol Learning Co-operative Trust, we work in partnership with other Co-operative schools and are committed to the following core Co-operative values:

Solidarity: We share a common and supportive purpose with all Trust and Co-operative Schools
Self-help: We develop resilience and self-respect so everyone can help themselves
Equality: Everyone has the right to be treated the same and with respect
Equity: Everyone is expected to behave in a way which is fair and unbiased
Democracy: Everyone has an equal voice and a right to contribute
Self-responsibility: Everyone is accountable and answerable for their actions