Pupils are able to attend Ashton Park School until such time as the School’s Planned Admission Level (PAL) is reached. The School accepts pupils regardless of their gender, race, ability or social background.
Pupils applying to enter the school at the end of primary education or in year applications will do so via the LA who will allocate places on the School’s behalf using the following ranked criteria:

  • Where there are more applications than places available at a Community or Controlled School, allocations will involve only those applications received by an agreed date at the end of October each year.
  • Applications received after this date may be disadvantaged, as available places at the preferred school may have already been allocated.

Please Note: For Bristol LA controlled schools priority is not given to first preferences. We aim to meet the highest preference possible for every applicant by applying the published over-subscription criteria equally to all applications for a school.

Year 6 Parents

Admissions Policy