Watersports Update

Hello all parents and family members who are looking for snippets of the fun their children are having on the Watersports Trip.

There are about 120 pupils on the campsite, which is right on a beautiful, huge lake. The schools are being instructed separately and currently the APS girls and boys are doing their activities at different times too.

Yesterday the girls did mountain biking and canoeing. The boys were on catamarans all day. Today they have swapped. It was such a great moment when the girls stopped worrying about their shoes getting wet or clothes dirty and instead started going right through the middle of the muddy puddles. We then played canoe games on shore before taking to the water in canoes.

There was lots of splashing each other, falling in, screaming and giggling. The rumour that alligators lived in the lake had a mixed response! J  The instructors got the girls to stand up, turn around, swap seats and we were made to jump in when “Simon says jump in!”

The photographs are mostly of the girls so far because Mrs Winstanley has the camera and that’s who she was with yesterday! They have been brilliant company.

The boys learnt the skills of sailing on posh catamarans all day. There was a good bit of wind and they were able to navigate around on the lake quite a bit.

Everyone was pretty exhausted after a tasty dinner, but in the ethos of everyone does everything, we all dig in and carry on, they all did the evening games of volleyball and dodge-frisbee, plus other games. Not a peep could be heard after 10pm!

Today the boys set off on their mountain biking session today with great gusto, doing wheelies and skids as soon as they had left the camp site! They were so skilful and quick that they finished that planned session sooner than the instructor expected. He is currently playing games with them in the woods. He said the boys were brilliant!

Everyone has had a great day and a half. It has made the long coach trip bearable and worthwhile! There are smiles everywhere and already sharing stories of who has been the best or daftest! Mr Mantegna had a nomination yesterday for sliding down the coach! We’ll see what stories the children have to share tonight as we award ‘Hero of the day, Wally of the day and Bad Admin!” Each one requires the pupils to wear a garment of clothing!


Next up date- it’s a very full schedule so this information is joining on the back of the first report as there wasn’t time to send it!

Today Ashton Park’s activity was to go to Dune du pilat, the largest sand dune in Europe. It was an awesome sight on the approach, even more significant when we had to climb the dune to get to the top. Amazing views were (briefly) admired before the children charged back down again as fast as they could. It is very steep, the photos will not do the incline justice. Most boys and girls then climbed back up again and raced each other some more. The momentum of one young lady, was only halted by using Miss Haspineall as a crash mat. They both collapsed on the sand! Another should send the video she took of a spectacular tumble, to a TV show for prize money.

From there we went to Aqualand. Lots of singing along to Disney en route. The water park was brilliant fun.

As I type the group are doing evening activities- problem solving games tonight, including climbing over a rope and filling a tube with water, but it has holes in it……..

The photos should give you a sense of our home for the week. There are some tents tidier than others. Some tents with a bed purely for snacks!! There are pictures of embarrassed girls as they are towed in by a speed boat because they couldn’t quite control their canoe. Hee hee!

Some photos show boys limbering up for cycling, girls charging through puddles and everyone eager to get to the next session or challenge. The one of a relaxed Mr Mantegna is just after he left the boys group and right before the girls soaked him!




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