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Redland Green School

KS3 Computer Science

Computer Science is a very fast changing discipline. Our intention is to prepare pupils to know today’s technology and today’s programming styles, but in particular to learn for tomorrow’s technology. Computing reaches all sectors of society and as Bristol has a vibrant creative sector, it is important that this is reflected in students’ learning.

As our Computer Scientists move through the curriculum they will focus on the following threads that run through each year and each unit:

  • Online safety
  • Programming structures
  • Problem solving
  • Computational thinking


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9

E Safety
Why is E Safety so important?
Why do we need to keep
passwords secure?
What are the threats to our
online presence and how can
we protect ourselves?
Knowledge organiser


Number Bases
What goes on inside a
What is binary?
Knowledge organiser


Algorithms & Scratch
How does Google find a list of
websites linked to your
How does Amazon know what
else you would like to buy?
How do we write programs?
Knowledge organiser

Scratch programming


Hardware & Software
What components make up a
computer and how do they
work together?
How do all the different
applications work?
Knowledge organiser

History of Computing
Technology develops at an
incredible rate.
What were the starting
points and what did they
lead to?
Knowledge organiser


What are the rules of
How do you use them?
Which do you use to solve
particular problems?
Knowledge organiser


Interactive Multimedia Project 

This is a project designed to develop a range of skills; planning, researching, designing, creating and  evaluating. It will be based around a scenario and will involve how to use the Internet effectively to  find information, including how to spot bias. The finished product will be an online brochure  comprising text, graphics and video.


App Development
What is an App?
Why are there so many?
How are they created?
Knowledge organiser

Systems Security
What are the threats to
computer networks?
What is malware, phishing and
How do we protect against
Knowledge organiser


What is a computer network?
Why are they useful?
How does data get
Knowledge organiser


Computer Circuits & Systems
What components make up a
How do they work together?
Knowledge organiser Circuits
Knowledge organiser Systems


Computational Thinking (CT), Algorithms & Programming
How is a complex problem
broken down?
What is an algorithm and what search and sort algorithms are there?
What are the different elements of coding and how do you code in Python to solve problems?
Knowledge organiser CT
Knowledge organiser Algorithms


Coding Success Project
This is a project putting
programming skills into action. It is a competition that involves teamwork and thinking skills by building and programming a Lego robot to navigate a course.