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KS3 Drama

In Drama we want Ashton Park students to be interested and engaged in theatre. Our vision is to give our students the tools to grow in confidence, collaborate with others and tell their stories to audiences. As we travel throughout the world of the theatre, students will discover how to raise their voices, use their bodies and be able to creatively get their opinions across. All our students will have the opportunity to participate in a tradition that is rooted in our diverse culture in Britain.  


Year 7

Focus: The basics of theatre

Year 8

Focus: Physicality and other ways of telling a story

Year 9

Focus: Building on Year 7 and 8 to gain a true experience of the theatre

Basic dramatic techniques

Knowledge Organiser

Greek theatre

Knowledge Organiser

Theatre review and design

Knowledge Organiser

Play: Warhorse

Knowledge Organiser

Physical theatre

Knowledge Organiser

Commedia dell'arte

Knowledge Organiser


Play: Curious Incident of the dog in the night time

Play: An Inspector Calls

Knowledge Organiser

Theatre review part 2

Natural and realism

End performance