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KS3 Maths

Mathematics is how we make sense of the physical world. Our intention is to deliver a learning journey that inspires curiosity and enables students to be fluent and confident mathematicians.  All students will have the chance to experience success and will enjoy being challenged as they develop as critical thinkers.

Ashton Park's KS3 curriculum has been created in conjunction with the National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics (NCETM) and Maths Hubs. The curriculum is arranged around the 6 themes of Maths Mastery:


Our curriculum is shown below. If you click on the image of the curriculum it will open as pdf where you can zoom in on the content we cover in each unit.

Why is our curriculum sequenced this way?

Our curriculum has been sequenced to reflect the recommended order from the National Centre for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching (NCETM). The order of our curriculum deliberately includes spaced practice and interleaving in order to support our students with recall and the retention of key knowledge needed for GCSE, and A level. 

Due to the reorganisation of the curriculum, some of our Yr8 and Yr9 students have already been taught content in Yr7, that, as per the new curriculum, they would not have covered yet. Therefore, for the next two years, the curriculum structure will not entirely reflect its final structure, but we are working towards it. In the meantime, as you will see from the curriculum map above, Yr8 and Yr9 are often doing the same units. This was done purposely to ensure all students are taught the full KS3 curriculum and don't miss out on acquiring any core knowledge due to either the reorganisaiton of the curriculum, or from knowledge gaps caused from the pandemic. Therefore, we have had to adapt what we will teach Yr8 and Yr9 to ensure that our students are fully prepared to start their GCSEs in Yr10 and that they have covered all of the content of the National Curriculum.