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Modern Britain is diverse, sharing a common vision and sense of belonging for all communities. PSHE has a central role in promoting respect, appreciation and understanding of how our society works and how we can be positive active members. Students are encouraged to understand how they will develop through their teenage years and become young adults. A vital part of PSHE is studying how to stay safe in the both the online and physical society, learning new skills including first aid and coping strategies to support well being and good mental health. A key learning outcome is helping pupils develop their empathy of similarities and differences within our diverse society , creating an understanding of respect and acceptance.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9

Relationships & well being
This topic introduces our students to concepts of common types of relationships

Identity & Diversity
Students learn about personal identity and how rich diversity makes up our society

Comparing life in Bristol and the UK to that of another country

Careers Pilot
Internet based website used to introduce students to the world of work and the vast range of possibilities open to all






Drugs awareness
Learning about the common drugs that effect our society the most, including alcohol.


Healthy relationships
Learning more about how relationships are important in our day to day life and strategies that help.

Body Image
Students investigate how body image is portrayed in the media and how this has an influence on how we think we should look.

Careers Pilot
Investigating possible career options and how they link to school subjects

First Aid and Medicines
Basic first aid techniques and safe use of medicines

Internet Safety
The uses of the internet, including the pitfalls and dangers.

Careers Pilot
Developing personal targets and collecting information on possible higher education and career paths.

Drugs Awareness
Finding out about the effect and dangers of drugs.

Healthy Relationships
Learning about how personal relationships may develop, good communication & respecting others

Well being