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KS3 DT Food

Technology lessons in KS3 are a rotation of three subjects – Resistant Materials (DT), Food Technology (DT) and Textiles (Art). 

Food is a vital part of our daily lives and is essential for life.  In DT Food at Ashton Park School, our intention is to equip pupils with the knowledge, understanding and skills to be able to feed themselves and others better. We want to inspire students to be inquisitive, creative and confident cooks. 

There are three core threads that run through our curriculum to enable our students to become confident cooks:

  • The practical skills and techniques of cooking
  • The underlying principles of food science, nutrition and food safety. 
  • Food traditions and provenance


Our curriculum will encourage students to cook and to foster a love and appreciation of home cooked nutritious food.  Bristol has long had a strong food culture that celebrates both locally sourced ingredients and multi-cultural dishes from around the world which reflects our diverse community.  Ashton Park Food department endeavours to use these values to provide a varied, challenging and relevant curriculum that is accessible to all.


The Food department is proud of their curriculum and the high expectations it has of the students.  We aim to provide a safe and supportive learning environment where students are encouraged to work independently and overcome problems with determination and resilience to help build self confidence.  Ultimately we want students to enjoy their learning and to respect and enjoy their delicious outcomes! 


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9

An introduction to the kitchen

Students will learn about the kitchen and get to use different equipment by making a variety of different recipes.  Our main focus will be on making healthy choices around the food we eat.  

  • We will learn about the five key nutrients that we need in our diet and why we need them.

  • You will receive an Ashton Park School Cookery Book with all of the recipes we will be making in this project to help you with shopping and of course the cooking too!


Year 7 Recipe Book

An introduction to Food Science 

Building on the skills learned from Year 7 students will learn about the function of ingredients in recipes. Have you ever wondered what makes bread like bread and cake like cake? This project will show you how and why these recipes work. Understanding more about ingredients helps us to be better cooks and understand why if something goes wrong.


Year 8 Intro to Food Science Recipe Book

Nutrition and Dietary Needs

This project builds on the knowledge we learnt in Year 7 on nutrition.  We look at the nutritional requirements of different groups of people and understand more about the relationship between diet and health by making some delicious healthy meals


Year 8 Nutrition and Dietary Needs Recipe Book

British and Multicultural Food

Students will learn more about foods from all around the world and understand why in Britain we eat so many foods from so many different countries.  We will focus on making main course savoury dishes and understand how to modify dishes for health and for enjoyment building on the culinary skills of Year 7 and Year 8.


Year 9 British and Multicultural Food Recipe Book

Factors that Affect our Food Choices

Students will learn about the affects of what foods we buy and our choices as consumers.  A mini project will allow us to consolidate all of our practical skills learned during the last three years to choose and cook our own dishes. This will be excellent preparation for coursework for those going on to study Food at GCSE. But even for those not doing Food GCSE it will help us learn how to organise ourselves and as always, make some delicious food!