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Redland Green School

KS3 DT Materials

Technology lessons in KS3 are a rotation of three subjects – Materials (DT), Food (DT) and Textiles (Art). 

DT Materials gives young people the skills and abilities to engage positively with the designed and made world, making a difference to all. The DT Materials department are committed to delivering a curriculum accessible to all, which provides the broadest possible range of opportunities for students.

We want to inspire students to be inquisitive, creative and confident in Design Technology.

The design process is the core thread that runs throughout our curriculum and is the focus of our KS3 curriculum. In DT Materials the three core elements of this are:

  • Working to a brief - building knowledge about materials, processes and production methods to solve a defined design problem.
  • Designing and developing - designing and communicating ideas to solve problems through an iterative process.
  • Making and evaluation - using a wide range of materials and processes to manufacture products and evaluating their success.

The KS3 Curriculum has been designed to support DT Materials at GCSE whilst nurturing pupils' love for designing and making products. Ashton Park DT Materials department endeavours to provide a varied, challenging and relevant curriculum that is accessible to all.

The DT Materials department is proud of their curriculum and the high expectations it has of the students.  We aim to provide a safe and supportive learning environment where students are encouraged to work independently and overcome problems with determination and resilience to help build self confidence.  Ultimately we want students to enjoy their learning and be proud of their achievements.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9

Project 1: CAD / CAM Polymers

This project enables our students to understand form and function. We will introduce them to different polymers and the principles of computer design.

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Project 2: Phone holder

This project works with wood and develops plan and side view design to ultimately make a phone holder.

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Project 1: Electronic control

This project builds on Year 7 to investigate electrical systems. Students will investigate schematic designs and orthographic projections.

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Project 2: Mechanical display

This project builds on our woodwork skills from Year 7 to explore cams, levers and pulleys.

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Project 1: Nursery seating

In this project we will learn about designing for a specific audience. In this case seating for nursery. Students will use a variety of products to produce a scale model.

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Project 2: Boxed game

We will build on our CAD and CAM skills in this project and use increasingly sophisticated techniques such as the router to produce and explore different joints.

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