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KS3 Technology - Textiles

Technology lessons in KS3 are a rotation of three subjects – Resistant Materials (DT), Food Technology (DT) and Textiles (Art). 

Our vision for textiles at Ashton Park:

Textiles as a subject has many technical skills to be learned. It is also a subject which links to the world around us in terms of the clothes we wear and many of the items which feature in our homes. Our hope is that students will be able to master the textiles techniques and to also develop a visual literacy, but most of all we would like them to enjoy the subject and develop as young textiles artists.

At KS3 we have developed projects that will cover a broad range of hand and machine sewing skills with the addition of fabric design in year 9. We hope that students will enjoy the course and develop as young designers and makers.

The planned curriculum enables us to re-visit textiles skills  yearly over the period of the course to build upon prior learning.  Additionally running through our projects we ensure we also  deliver our identified core threads:

  • Refinement of Knowledge: each project will enable our students to build their knowledge of the discipline and their knowledge of contemporary and historic artists within that.
  • Refinement of skills and application: each project will cover the core skills of line, shape, form, tone, texture, pattern, colour and composition across the faculty. (Art and textiles at KS3).


Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
  • Sewing skills project-In this project you will learn basic sewing machine skills and then take a driving test to prove your accuracy!  You will use these skills to then create your own pencil case, finishing off with learning how to attach a button.


    Outcome is a fish shaped pencil case.


Knowledge Organiser

  • Surface decoration project- Building on your sewing machine skills in y7 you will take on the challenge of producing a stuffed 3D cushion! However, the main focus of this project is actually the surface decoration which will give you a chance to make work with strong links to that of the Pop Artists and develop the new skills of applique and embroidery.


Outcome is an appliqued pizza cushion


Knowledge Organiser

  • Printing and dyeing project- This rotation will see you actually create your own fabric design before you then construct with it!  You will be introduced to printing techniques, including tie-dye, and then use these skills within your work.  This is a project with an environmental concern, and the welfare of others at its core, you will have the opportunity to donate the outcome of this work to others who are in need.


Outcome is an eco bag for Africa


Knowledge Organiser