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KS4 Art - Fine Art

Studying Fine Art gives us the freedom to express who we are and to also demonstrate to potential employers that we are creative thinkers.  It is an opportunity to develop skills as young artists or illustrators and students will enjoy studying in a different way because there is a heavy emphasis on coursework and practical elements.

Work by Kira in Year 11 

Exam board:

AQA GCSE Art and Design, Fine Art


Number of exams / coursework:

  • Coursework (60%), which is started Sept y10 and completed Christmas of y11.
  • 1 practical exam with preparatory work (40%). This work starts in the January of y11. It is a personal practical response to a given exam board starting point, with an outcome produced over 2 days in early May.


Year 10 Year 11

Coursework Portfolio Development.


You will follow a guided unit of coursework, with plenty of opportunity for personal outcomes within that.


Additionally you will experience ‘clay day’ an opportunity to spend a day off timetable producing a large scale clay piece as a coursework outcome.


Coursework Portfolio Completion, (Dec)

Using your preferred medium of choice to push your own work and concepts, in order  to complete the additional work section of your portfolio.


Exam , (Jan- April)

Responding to a chosen starting point, you now have the skills and we will support and guide you as you work independently


Why is the course sequenced this way?

We start y10 with a directed coursework project as this gives us an opportunity to build on your KS3 prior knowledge with an extra layer of skill, pushing for that GCSE standard of outcome.  It also gives us time to support you with that difficult leap from being completely teacher directed to the independent learning styles needed in y11.

Towards the end of y10 you will be pushing your own creativity to its limits as teaching now becomes more ‘tutorial’ in style as we head to year 11.  This will echo the teaching methods of your Art next step in education- getting you ready for that higher level in this subject, should you wish to pursue this.


How will I be assessed during the course?

  • Regular portfolio reviews with your teacher
  • A mock exam experience


What’s the best way to revise?:

Revision techniques are not needed for this subject, however the following will be the best way of achieving those top grades!:

  • a dedication to a continual production of personal outcomes, either at home or using our weekly after school studio time and
  • a commitment to visiting the wonderfully diverse wealth of galleries and museums we have in this city