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KS4 Core PE

The aim of the PE curriculum at Ashton Park:

Being physically active leads to good physical health and mental well-being. The ethos of Ashton Park PE is to develop healthy, curious and active sportspeople by providing opportunities to educate minds, develop healthy bodies and promote positive attitudes towards lifetime physical activity, fitness and sports performance.

Our curriculum aim is to produce knowledgeable, actively engaged, independent and confident sportspeople.

Knowledgeable Actively engaged Independent Confident
  • Students will know about health and their bodies and how each type of physical activity benefits them
  • Students will know the different types of activity, the rules of each and how to apply tactics
  • Participation in different roles such as coach, official, manager, leader
  • Students will be focussed and actively listening
  • Physically active in the tasks
  • Answering questions, asking questions and having discussions with partners about the task
  • Everyone should enjoy their learning through fun activities
  • Motivated students who are reflective of their own performance and resilient to try again
  • Students who use their initiative to set up and get started on the task
  • Students who take on leadership roles
  • No fear of mistakes. Pupils do get physically involved and keep trying
  • Leaders in the lessons
  • Students can take on other roles in lessons and provide support to their peers.


The design of our PE curriculum at Ashton Park:

Our curriculum is designed to instill a longevity of love of sport and fitness. 

At the start of each year the PE team create four classes from each half of the year with students of similar experiences and interests. We then design a bespoke selection of activities for this group in particular. For example, we often have one group whose passion is competitive team sports so we might give them a lot of rugby, netball, football or basketball. Other groups have other activities to encourage pupils with a different interest in sport, like badminton, trampolining, dance, dodgeball, yoga or table tennis. In this way the activities are uniquely tailored to each group. 

On occasion we will even provide bespoke activities for individuals, for example we have some young people that play for professional teams and we want to give them activities that support this process.


The activity maps below show you exactly what activities are being completed for each class:

Year 10 - A half

Year 10 - B half

Year 11 - A half

Year 11 - B half


The structure of PE lessons at Ashton Park:

The activities give our students the widest experience of sports and all help them develop as healthy, curious and active sportspeople.

KS4 PE lessons are structured around four key areas that allow our students to become knowledgeable, actively engaged, independent and confident:

  • The Health Zone - where we teach students about the health related theme relevant for that sport/activity and year group
  • The Skills Zone - where we teach the skills relevant for that sport/activity and year group
  • The Performance Zone - where we teach students about co-operative and competitive situations / scenarios / tactics / performance
  • Leadership - Sportspeople follow the Sport Education model in some sports throughout the year, that lets the learners become the leaders. They are guided by teachers, but effectively groups nominate each team member to have an area of responsibility and they set up their own warm up, skills practice, and spend a series of lessons playing games in a round robin competition format, where they become responsible for officiating too.