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KS4 Core PE

Due to Coronavirus, activities delivered and facilities used in PE have been adapted. All steps have been taken to keep PE on the curriculum and the plan for the pupils is safe, engaging and will allow them to progress their skills in several areas, whilst enjoying their learning. There is a 2 week rotation of activities and each Term a new set  The government and sports governing bodies guidelines are being followed exactly, to inform us of sports that are allowed in schools, numbers in a team, expectations of cleaning equipment, etc. At the end of lessons, pupils are required to wipe down their equipment. Any nets, balls and posts are cleaned too.

Where a PE theory lesson is delivered it will be due to wet weather, as they cannot change into dry clothes in school. Your child should still wear their PE kit and be prepared to do their practical lesson that day should the weather change.  Theory for KS4 is based around equality, diversity and adversity in sport. Homework will not be set, but reading about what is happening in sports, watching sports news and seeing what happens in games is always encouraged.


Being physically active leads to good physical health and mental well-being. Our intention is to provide opportunities to educate minds, develop healthy bodies and promote positive attitudes towards lifetime physical activity, fitness and sports skills. We will do this by leading a range of activities to enthuse, encourage and challenge everyone, allowing them to be successful at all levels.  


KS4 follow more of a 'pathway' of activity, depending on how their interests in sports has developed over KS3. There are certain choices that Y10 and Y11 can make, and more opportunities to lead parts of activities that really interest them.
Generally the KS4 pupils are taught in single sex groups, although this is reviewed each year depending on the cohort, and what would support their engagement, motivation and confidence more.



Type of activity

Games activities   

such as rugby, football, handball, softball. 

The 'Combo' pathway

may have some invasion games, but also racket sports and other non-team or non-traditional 'Games' activities

Aesthetics pathway 

including dance, yoga, trampolining, fitness, with maybe some table tennis or badminton