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KS4 Drama

In Drama we want Ashton Park students to be interested and engaged in theatre.  All our students will have the opportunity to participate in a tradition that is rooted in our diverse culture in Britain.  


Exam board:



How is this course examined?

  • 1 x 1 hour 30 minute exam (40%). Learners will explore practically a performance text to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of drama.
  • 1 x Devising Drama coursework (30%). Learners will research and explore a stimulus, work collaboratively and create their own devised drama.
  • 1 x Presenting and performing texts coursework (30%). Learners develop and apply theatrical skills in acting or design by presenting a showcase of two extracts from a performance text.


How is the course structured?

Year 10 Year 11
Terms 1 and 2: Blood Brothers

This part of the course introduces the students to the set text Blood Brothers that will feature in their exam next year.


Terms 3 to 5: Devising Drama

The first piece of coursework students complete is on a set stimuli. Students will be given a stimuli to research and then devise a piece of drama from. This might be a painting, a poem, a song or a slogan.


Term 6: Theatre Evaluation
Experiencing being part of an audience watching live theatre is an important aspect of the course. We will have an opportunity to see a live theatre production both at a theatre and see a streamed version in class which we will analyse and evaluate.
Term 1: Theatre Evaluation Revision

We will complete the work began at the end of Year 10.


Terms 2 to 4: Presenting and Performing
Term 5: Revision

In our remaining lessons we will return to Blood Brothers and our work on theatre evaluation to prepare for our exam.

Why is the course sequenced this way?

Year 10 opens with a study of Blood Brothers. This allows the students to become comfortable with the set text play. Through this we revise the key features of the theatre from KS3 and look at other theatre pieces. This establishes a foundation of ideas and knowledge that is built on in future units.

Devising Drama is then our second unit. This gives our students an opportunity to react to a given stimuli. This gives them the chance to be think creatively and choose a role of actor or producer to really understand the mechanics of the theatre. It also allows them an opportunity to reflect on a contemporary issue and show how politics and societal issues can be reflected in the theatre.

Year 10 and the start of Year 11 focuses on theatre evaluation. This allows them to consolidate everything we have learned in the last five years. We will focus primarily on one piece but look at many others.

The rest of Year 11 is then left to our second coursework where students get a chance to present and perform. This is the culmination of their performing at Ashton Park.


How do we assess students?

  • Students will be given verbal feedback on their performance work throughout the course, both individually and as a group.
  • Regular exam questions will be marked using mark schemes and lessons used to give whole class feedback on areas of strength and common misconceptions.