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KS4 Geography

Our aim is to ensure KS4 students will be informed, engaged, and active Global Citizens. Geographers at Ashton Park will be able to identify the opportunities and challenges that face the world and suggest solutions to help manage it. We want students to engage with this by investigating how the natural world works, how humans interact with the world, and the impacts they have on the environment. We want them to ask questions about the world and develop the range of skills needed to allow them to explore it in the classroom and beyond so wherever life takes them they can be confident global citizens. During the course students will come across many aspects of Human and Physical Geography which will take them all across the world, studying different environments, cultures and events. GCSE Geography allows students to open their eyes to the wider world whilst also providing them with an excellent base to contribute to whatever they want to achieve in Post 16.


Exam board:


Number of exams:

3 in total

  • 1 x 1 hour 30 minutes (Physical)
  • 1 x 1 hour 30 minutes (Human)
  • 1 x 1 hour 15 minutes (Fieldwork and decision making booklet)



GCSE Geography curriculum:

Year 10 Year 11

Topic 1:

Key Concepts


Topic 2:

Physical Landscapes (Rivers and Coasts)

Knowledge Organiser for Physical Landscapes


Topic 3:

Living World

Knowledge Organiser for Living World


Topic  4:

Urban Issues and Challenges and Fieldwork

Knowledge Organiser for Urban Issues and Challenges


Topic 5:

Resource Management

Knowledge Organiser for Resource Management


Topic 1:

Paper 3 Practice


Topic 2:

Natural Hazards

Knowledge Organiser for Natural Hazards


Topic 3:

Economic World

Knowledge Organiser for Economic World


Topic 4:

Paper 3 preparation and revision

Knowledge Organiser for Paper 3



Why is the course sequenced this way?

We start with some key core concepts of Geography such as development, climate change and biomes to allow all students to consolidate their knowledge from KS3 and allow them to access the range of topics taught throughout Y10 and Y11. We then go into Physical Landscapes and Resource Management which are more factual based topics and have shorter length questions. At the end of Y10 we look at urban environments and can take students out on some fieldwork around Bristol to explore their local urban area. The beginning of Year 11 brings a good opportunity to revise and recap on urban issues and challenges by completing a practice Paper 3 using a prerelease designed around this topic. We then move onto the 2 longest topics of Natural Hazards and Economic World. These come last as they draw on knowledge from previous topics like Living World, Urban Issues and Challenges and Resource Management.


How will I be assessed during the course?

  • Regular exam questions in lessons to test your Geographical skills
  • Short low stakes knowledge quizzes to test your knowledge every lesson
  • Longer end of unit mock exams to consolidate everything we have done so far


What’s the best way to revise?: