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KS4 Health & Social Care Level 2 Btec

A BTEC Tech Award in Health & Social Care provides you with the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to prepare you for employment in this rapidly expanding sector. The components  of the course will introduce you to workplace situations and activities, where you will apply your knowledge to a variety of realistic case studies and allow you to develop independent learning and organisational skills.


Exam board:

Pearson BTEC Tech Award in Health & Social Care


Number of internally and externally assessed components

  • 2 internally assessed coursework components (40%) begun in Yr 10 and completed in Yr 11
  • 1 externally assessed exam component (60%) which is completed in Yr 11


How is the curriculum structured?

Year 10 Year 11

Component 1: Human Lifespan Development

(September –March)


In your first coursework component, you will investigate how, in real life situations, human development is affected by different factors and that people deal differently with a variety of life events. Understanding of the expected developmental milestones across the human lifespan is imbedded in this component.


Component 2: Health and Social Care Services and Values - Learning Aim A

(April – July)


In the first learning aim of your second coursework component, you will investigate a variety of health and social care services that meet the needs of different types of service users, identifying and researching local health and social care providers and applying this knowledge to realistic case studies in your assignment work.

Component 3: Health and Wellbeing

(Externally assessed exam in February / resit in May)

In this examined component, you will study the factors that affect our health and wellbeing. You will learn about both physiological and lifestyle indicators that can inform you about a person’s current state of health and potential future health risks. You will also gain the knowledge required to design a Health and Wellbeing improvement plan.


Component 2: Health and Social Care Services and Values - Learning Aim B

(March – May)


To finish off your second coursework component you will learn about the skills and qualities needed to work successfully in the health and social care sector. You will learn how to apply care values in a variety of scenarios, helping further your understanding of the requirements of working in this demanding but rewarding sector.

Why the course is sequenced this way?

The course begins with Component 1  as this provides the foundational knowledge of the course, an understanding of human lifespan development from birth to later adulthood. This is essential to understand before we can then begin to apply this knowledge in Component 2.

Component 3 is left to Year 11 as this is a synoptic component, meaning that it consolidates learning covered in Component 1 and Learning Aim A of Component 2. It is done first as the students will sit their examination in this in February.

Once this is complete we return to the second half of Component 2.


What is the best way to revise for Component 3?

The outcome of your lessons will provide you with revision materials that you can go over in the approach to your exam. Your teacher will make sure you are given plenty of exam practice questions in class with a focus on the exam techniques required to be successful. Your home learning booklets will cover the whole exam curriculum and act as a revision tool too, and there are published Revision Guides available to buy too. We recommend:

Revise BTEC Tech Award Health and Social Care Revision Guide