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Redland Green School

KS4 Mathematics

Mathematics is how we make sense of the physical world. Our intention is to deliver a learning journey that inspires curiosity and enables students to be fluent and confident mathematicians

All students will have the chance to experience success and will enjoy being challenged as they develop as critical thinkers.


What GCSE course are we studying?

This course builds on the foundations of Mathematics learned in KS3 to ensure our students have success at GCSE.

We study the Edexcel GCSE in Mathematics.

How is this course examined?

There are three examination papers in total. Each is 1 hour 30 minutes long.

  • 1 x non-calculator paper
  • 2 x calculator papers

The Maths curriculum across Year 10 and Year 11

There are two pathways that students follow. The Higher pathway offers students the chance to work towards Grades 9 to 4. The Foundation pathway offers students the chance work towards Grades 5 to 1.

If you click on either of the buttons below you will be taken to the overview curriculum map for each pathway. This shows the order of the topics we teach. If you click on the topic headings you will be taken to the detail of what exactly is taught in each topic.

Maths GCSE Foundation Pathway Maths GCSE Higher Pathway 

How should I revise for this course?

Our own knowledge organisers:

Knowledge Organiser

We strongly recommend using HegartyMaths:

We recommend the following revision guides:

We also recommend the following exam practice and work books:

Useful mathematics websites: