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KS4 Spanish

As a student, learning a language allows us to improve our critical thinking skills, our ability to multi-task and improve our memories.  As a person, it makes us a better listener, helps to build relationships and can open up a whole new view of the ever-increasingly interconnected world around us.  Our French/Spanish GCSE course aims to build on the solid foundation of KS3 and push skills and understanding of the essential components of confidently communicating in a second language.


Exam board:

AQA GCSE Spanish

Number of exams:

4 exams (Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing) all worth 25% each


How is the curriculum structured?

Year 10 Year 11

Travel and Tourism


Life at School and Post-16




Healthy and Unhealthy Living

The World of Work


Poverty and Homelessness


Exam Skills / Revision


Why is the curriculum sequenced this way?

Students return to topics covered in KS3, but with the benefit of a greater ability to understand and manipulate the language.  They can therefore learn and discuss topics in more depth and with more complexity.  As they finish Year 10 and move into Year 11 they start to look at topics which will be taking on more personal relevance, as well as topics which build an awareness of the grittier aspects of life around them.


Recommended revision guide:

Revise AQA 9-1 GCSE Spanish Revision Guide

Knowledge Organiser

Revise AQA 9-1 GCSE Spanish Workbook

Knowledge Organiser