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Chair of Governors: LGBChair@ashtonpark.net             Tel: 0117 377 2777

Clerk to Governors: sharonbennett@ashtonvale.bristol.sch.uk    Tel: 0117 377 2774

A full attendance register of meeting is available by request to the Clerk to the Governors

Governor Information

Ashton Park School is part of the Gatehouse Green Learning Trust. This small multi-academy trust (MAT) has five schools in its membership: Ashton Park, Redland Green, Ashton Vale, Compass Point, Luckwell. The MAT was set up in July 2018 and operates to the rules laid out in its articles of association. Under the articles it has two ‘objects’ to which it is limited: one to run schools, the other to provide recreational facilities to the public.

The members are the people responsible for ensuring that the articles are followed. The members can be found here, they were the signatories to the set-up of the organisation. New members can be proposed by ‘Engagement Groups’ (of staff, parents or trustees) as and when required.

The members appoint trustees for the MAT. This group are the active governance of the MAT taking the legal accountability for it working well – financially, in the schools’ performance and in any issues such as safeguarding. They appoint the CEO of the MAT, currently Sarah Baker, formerly the head at Redland Green School.

The trustees of the MAT have developed a vision for it, in consultation with the schools that are members of it.

Each school has a Local Governing Board (LGB). The LGB is a ‘critical friend’ to the senior staff team. It is there to support and challenge staff on how the school is performing. It is also an advocate of the school in public and in discussions with the MAT, promoting and supporting actions that will be of benefit to Ashton Park School. The role of the LGB is evolving as the MAT structure evolves. In the hierarchy, the LGB sits between senior staff and the MAT trustees, however the staff have a direct relationship with trustees too, mainly through the CEO of the MAT.

Governors may be elected (usually the case for parent governors) or appointed to join the LGB. In either case, the normal term is for four years. Each governor brings a particular perspective to the LGB: some are experts in education (perhaps formerly teachers); others may have a business or community perspective; parent governors bring the perspective of parents into the meetings. Current school Governors are listed below.




  • Sara Frears
    Chair of Governors
  • Jeff Hurran
    Governor - Chair of Student Achievement & Welfare
  • Shenaide Blucher
    Staff Governor
  • Steve Sayers
    Parent Governor
  • Eleanor West
    Parent Governor
  • Lucy Swingler
    Co-opted Governor
  • Lucy Cartlidge
    Co-opted Governor
  • Andy Reed
    Co-opted Governor
  • Nick Hassey
    Co-opted Governor

Executive Pay