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KS4 Dance

The BTEC Dance programme is designed to encourage you to develop as an independent learner and grow into a confident, creative dancer and performer. You will develop skills, imagination, creativity and drive to meet the challenges of the competitive and demanding dance profession of today.


Exam Board:

Pearson Dance: BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts


How is the course examined?

The course is made up of three components: two that are internally assessed and one that is externally assessed. 

  • Component 1 - Exploring the Performing Arts (30 % Internally assessed practical work with written assessed assignments)
    Dancers will learn to analyse famous choreographers’ dance work, they will learn short phrases of movement from the performance they study and will start to understand each choreographer’s intentions in relation to set, costume, lighting, music, sound, movement content and the choreographic process. Students will study 3 different choreographers in 3 different styles of dance. 
  • Component 2 - Developing skills and techniques in the Performing Arts (30% Internally assessed written and practical assignments)
    During Component 2, dancers will take part in workshops and technique classes and focus on improving physical, interpretative and rehearsal skills. Dancers will then apply these skills in performances and will reflect on their progress and how they could improve.
  • Component 3 - Responding to a brief (40% Written and practical assessment under exam conditions)
    Dancers will research a brief that is set by the exam board, then use their developed skills and techniques to generate ideas and a performance piece. Dancers will build on their skills in classes, workshops and rehearsals. Towards the end of the component, dancers will perform to their chosen audience before reflecting on their performance in an evaluation report. This will include individual strengths, overall improvement and the impact of the performance piece. 


How is the course structured? 

Year 10 Year 11

Term 1 – 4 

Component 1 - Exploring the Performing Arts

Term 5 – 6 

Component 2 - Exploring the Performing Arts

Term 1-2

Component 2 continued - Exploring the Performing Arts 

Term 3 – 5 

Component 3 - Responding to a brief


Why the course is sequenced this way?

The course begins with Component 1 as this provides dancers with an introduction to new styles of dance and famous choreographers’ work. They will analyse and learn sections of the choreographer’s work, giving the class skills and techniques that they can develop and use throughout the course. 

Component 2 is where dancers have the opportunity to build and develop their dance technique and performance skills, which they will then apply to Component 3.  Component 2 is split between year 10 & 11 to build their skill base and technique before starting the exam component. 

Component 3 is studied in Year 11 as this is a synoptic component, meaning that it consolidates learning covered in Component 1 and Component 2. Dancers will use skills and techniques that they have learnt in Components 1 & 2 and use these to fulfil the brief for the exam.