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Students are expected to attend school regularly and should be absent from school only for illness or other unavoidable reasons. If a student is unable to attend school, parents/carers are asked to notify the office – by telephone, every day of absence (Tel: 0117 3772777) or email us (studentabsence@ashtonpark.net). If we are unaware of a student’s absence we operate an automated call service which contacts parents/carers to ensure they are aware of their child’s absence and, if so, asks when they are expected to return.

Please remind your child to sign in if he/she is late. If this is not done it will appear that he/she is absent and you will be unnecessarily disturbed by the automated call service which keeps going until you respond.

On returning to school, the student should give the Tutor a letter or show a note in their planner from you, explaining the reason for the absence even though a phone call has been made. This letter is needed for the records: unexplained absences are monitored by the Attendance Officer.

Please try to avoid medical and dental appointments in school time. If unavoidable, try to arrange appointments so that the minimum school time is lost.

Attendance will be monitored on a regular basis. Where attendance falls below an acceptable level, parents/carers will be informed. There are rewards for good attendance.