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Accelerated Reader Home Connect improves the school-to-home connection by allowing parents, carers and students to log in to a website and view the student’s reading practice and progress towards targets.

Access to online results promotes discussion between parents and children which motivates children and can make reading practice even more enjoyable and effective. In addition, parents can specify up to six email addresses to receive automatic updates on their child’s reading progress.

Accelerated Reader is a computer program Ashton Park School uses that helps teachers and librarians manage and monitor children’s independent reading practice.

According to research, children who read at least 20 minutes a day with a 90% comprehension rate on AR quizzes will see great gains.

Using Accelerated Reader, children will choose the books they want to read. The teacher or librarian will make certain the book is at the right level so that after completing the book, your child should do well on the AR Reading Practice Quiz.

If you have any questions about AR or how you can support your child’s development further, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at the school. Some useful websites for further information are detailed below: http://www.renlearn.co.uk/

AR book finder is a website that contains information on books your child may be reading at the moment and can also suggest reading lists for you: http://www.arbookfind.co.uk/default.aspx

Accelerated Reader Key Concepts

  • The purpose of AR is to enable powerful practice
  • A student’s ZPD represents the level of difficulty that is neither too hard nor too easy
  • Book Level indicates the difficulty of text, not the maturity of content
  • Interest Level tells you for which year levels a book’s themes and ideas are appropriate
  • Points are assigned to a book based primarily on its length. The number of points a student earns tells you how much reading a student has done
  • The most important factor in accelerating reading growth is good comprehension

The purpose of AR is to enable powerful practice. It does this by:

  • Providing data that helps you monitor and personalise reading practice
  • Encouraging substantial amounts of practice, according to guidelines based on research findings
  • Making practice fun for students by facilitating successful encounters with text