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Ashton Park Uniform Expectations


At Ashton Park we want you to be smartly and appropriately dressed for our busy school environment. Our uniform policy is clear and simple and will help prepare students for future employment where dress codes will need to be adhered to. 

For our students, wearing their uniform with pride shows they are part of our school community. 

All students wear the following uniform:

  • Blue sweatshirt with house colour school badge 
  • White polo shirt with house colour school badge 
  • Prefects are permitted to wear the Prefect jumper during year 11. 

Students have the choice of: 

  • Tailored black knee-length skirt & plain tights /socks (white or black) OR 
  • Tailored black trousers with socks (white or black) 

Shoes should be: 

  • Flat, plain black school shoes or trainers 

Please ensure that all items of clothing are named so they can be returned to your child if misplaced. 

We particularly ask parents and students to remember that the following are not acceptable to be worn to school:: 

  • Hoodies (jumpers or zipped)
  • Cardigans or jackets that are not weatherproof. 
  • Leggings, jeggings, cargo trousers or jeans. 
  • Skintight skirts or trousers
  • Short skirts. In particular, those made of stretch fabric. 
  • Footwear containing any other colours than black. 

If temporarily students are unable to wear their full school uniform a note should be supplied to the tutor who will be checking uniform daily. If students will be without uniform for more than two days then students can be lent uniform from the house hub. 

Personal presentation is important and we ask students to remember that extremes of fashion, dress or appearance are considered unsuitable for school. In particular, we remind you that the following are not permitted in school:

  • Hair colours that are not ‘natural’ such as pink or purple. 
  • Excessive make-up. 
  • False nails, nail extensions or long gel nails. These are particularly unsafe during PE where they pose a danger to the student themselves as well as others. 
  • Facial piercings of any type (e.g. nose or lip). 
  • Earrings that are not studs (e.g Hoops, stretchers, tunnels or dangling earrings). 

We are very proud of our school and want our students to look their best and we thank all parents and carers for supporting us in having high standards of dress.