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Redland Green School

KS4 Personal Development

The aim of the Personal Development curriculum is to develop you as an individual and as a citizen of our community. We aim to give you the skills and knowledge to be respectful and safe in the decisions you make.



Our curriculum builds on the four strands of personal development from KS3 and in addition to this looks at a fifth strand in KS4 (British values):

  • Relationships and sex education
  • Careers
  • Healthy lifestyles including mental health and drug use
  • Citizenship including democracy and finance
  • British values with a focus on understanding different religious views


Year 10 Year 11

British values: Being British

This unit explores British values applying these to interfaith communities and multiculturalism while promoting tolerance and community cohesion.

Careers: Work experience

Your career is your pathway through life - a combination of living, learning and earning.  This year will help prepare you for work experience.

Relationships and sex education

Explore different types of relationships including LGBTQ+.  What forms positive and negative relationships, including potentially harmful behaviours.

For full details of the RSE content please see the table below. 

Citizenship: Democracy

Introducing you to the key mechanisms of being a citizen - democracy and finance. We will look at how voting systems work, why we pay taxes and how you can manage a budget.

Healthy Lifestyles: Mental health

We will look at how to manage your mental health. We will also look at drug use.

Careers: Post 16 choices

Preparing you for making the choice about what to do Post 16 and the application processes.


Relationships and sex education

Reflect on when relationships go wrong and will in particular focus on identifying abusive relationships.

For full details of the RSE content please see the table below. 


British values: Ethics and the environment

A chance to look at the ethics around the environment where we can understand different religious views.

Healthy Lifestyles: Mental health

We return to mental health and drugs in the run up to your exams.

Revision strategies

Giving you the best strategies to succeed in your upcoming exams.


Relationships and sex education

Relationships and sex education (RSE) is a key part of what we do. Students at Ashton Park receive RSE in each year of their school life. The table below details exactly what is taught each year.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
  • Different types of relationships. – friendships, family, intimate & marriage
  • Dealing with conflict/ changing relationships
  • Bullying/Cyber bullying
  • Changing bodies – puberty, menstruation
  • Healthy body – diet, sleep and exercise
  • Legal age of consent for sexual relationships.
  • Giving consent within a relationship.
  • Grooming – including peers
  • Online safety – sexting, sending nudes or sharing images.
  • Sexual exploitation (gangs)
  • Resisting peer pressure, including to have sex.
  • Contraception
  • Teenage pregnancy, abortion, miscarriage.
  • Sexual harassment – including online harassment
  • Violence against women
  • Different types of relationships – LGBTQ+
  • Gender identity
  • What is a positive/negative relationship?
  • Watching pornography – link back to sexual harassment from year 9
  • STI’s including Aids – recap on barrier methods of contraception
  • Coercive control – what are the early signs?
  • Different types of abuse.
  • FGM
  • Honor based violence and forced marriage
  • Radicalisation / extremism