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At Ashton Park we take our safeguarding role very seriously.  However, we believe that as a community looking after each other is everyone’s responsibility.  As members of the Ashton Park community we should respect each other and understand, accept and celebrate each other’s differences (gender, race, age, religion, sexuality or disability) so that the care, happiness and safety of every single person is the concern of us all.

We try to foster this through our curriculum and teaching and our pastoral system.  When life isn’t so good for our young people we try to give them the support they need to get them ‘back on track’.

This webpage will give you information about the support that can be accessed within school and outside agencies that you can access and it will be regularly updated to give you the latest information we have that you can use to keep your children safe.  Some of this information will come from the students themselves, particularly our ‘Digital Leaders’ who will be giving advice on how to stay safe in this digital world.

If you have a concern about the well- being of your child at Ashton Park your first port of call should be the tutor of your child or their Head of House.  However, if you feel your concern is more serious or if it is about a child from Ashton Park but outside your family then you can contact one of our safeguarding team.

The Safeguarding Team

Ms Mike Mantegna is the DESIGNATED SAFEGUARDING LEAD.  You can contact him on 0117 3772775 or mikemantegna@ashtonpark.net .  he is supported by

Safeguarding Lead Practitioner

Ms Liz Nutland       0117 3772777  elizabethnutland@ashtonpark.net

Mrs Shelley Bennett      0117 3772777   shelleybennett@ashtonpark.net

Ms Claire Neeves         0117 3772777  claireneaves@ashtonpark.net

Other Support

If you are concerned about your child contact either their tutor or Head of House.  They will first of all discuss the matter with you and, if they feel it necessary, enable access to other relevant support.  As well as our own staff who offer a variety of services we may be able to direct parents and students to outside agencies who visit us in school, they include:

PC Garnham – Community Police Officer

Brook Clinic – Relationship and Sexual Health Advice

Bristol Drugs Project – Substance Misuse

Off the Record – Counselling Service

Cath Moody – School Nurse


If you have immediate concerns about the safety of any young person you can contact FIRST RESPONSE on 0117 9036444 (during normal office hours) or the POLICE on 101 or 999 (depending on how urgent you think it is).  Looking after children in our community is everyone’s responsibility.

Digital Leaders – What are they and who are we?

Ashton Park 6th form students have begun the Digital Leaders Qualification. This is a qualification run by Childnet that qualifies participants in the program to support their peers, younger students, staff and parents in all aspects of Digital Safety. A Digital Leader will offer help on a range of concerns and support such as privacy settings on social media, cyberbullying and inappropriate messages and pictures. Each year group in Ashton Park has a dedicated team of Digital Leaders who are trained to support their group. The Digital Leaders will be running events for their year groups and look out for them at parent evenings and year specific events.

Brandon Holmes and Beth Williams, our year 9 leaders, began the launch of Digital Leaders successfully at YR9 parents evening in February.

Digital Leaders for Year 7, 8 and 9 are offering help drop ins every Wednesday lunchtime in C7 , they will be able to help you with anything from correct settings on accounts to anything that is worrying you about social media.

Watch out for the Digital Leaders as they visit tutor groups in YR7,YR8,YR9 to introduce themselves and to launch some exciting competitions.

If you have any questions or concerns or would like to get involved contact janeayers@ashtonpark.net

Computing Faculty

Further Documents

Ashton Park Safeguarding Policy – Can be found on our policies page.