New science equipment

This week Science received some new equipment thanks to the parents of Ashton Park, organised by the Parent Hub.
A new Van der Graaf Generator and Ruben’s Tube have found themselves being experimented on by the team ready to be used in class from next week. These devices will allow us to more effectively communicate information about waves and electrostatics, abstract ideas that students often find challenging.
Thank you all for your support and look out for more photos on Twitter @ScienceAshton

Volcano competition winners!

Geography teachers were impressed by the range of ideas used to represent volcanoes this year. From a hat turned into a smoking volcano to a well-labelled volcano cake we enjoyed seeing what you have learnt in lessons shown in a creative way.
Photos of winning entries are shown on the next slides.

Go4Set challenge induction

Mr Corker took 12 year 8 & 9 pupils to Hewlett Packard labs for the Go4Set challenge induction. One of the challenges was to build the tallest giraffe out of limited supplies. Wish them luck in the next stage of the challenge!

International Women in Engineering Day

On this special day, a group of year 8 girls have been at the Watershed watching the inspirational film Hidden Figures this morning. They are now at the Arnolfini in lectures by Women from Bristol University about Engineering including Space and Robotics.

A Super Speedy End to Science Week

A group of year 9 students got to visit @Bristol to design, build and then test a rocket car.  Students were told about the Bloodhound project, an experiment to build a supersonic car (SSC) that is designed to break the current land-speed record of 763mph and hopefully reach 1000mph.  Students tried to make their cars as aerodynamic as possible, the current student record is 62mph.  Our students came close, with the top speed 56.04mph, set by Kieran and Josh.  The students then got to explore @Bristol to investigate various experiments.  Well done all, it was a great day out.

Science Stars have a Bouncy Reward

On Friday 12 of the students who have won the Science Star Award this year for excellent classwork got to have a tour of the newly refurbished gatehouse and take part in an activity to win more prizes. Their task was to build a structure that would support an egg when dropped from the windows in the top floor of the gatehouse. There were some brilliant designs including a parachute which almost escaped as it was such a windy day!

Science Hot Chocolate with the Head

The top students from each of the science week sessions was rewarded by meeting Mr John to receive their certificate and a warm brew this morning.  Staff chose 1 or 2 pupils from each session who stood out as being start scientists and great ambassadors for the school.  Well done to Tom, Jonah, Xander, Evie, Mae-Lei, Polly, Kieran, Oscar, Sonny and Rosie for being the first students to receive Hot chocolate with the Head.

Staff on fire – literally – in the name of science

Tuesday lunch time saw Mr Turner allow multiple pupils the opportunity to set fire to their teachers!  Staff ‘volunteered’ to have pupils light them up in a display of combustion and bravery.  Bubbles of a flammable mixture were held by staff and then pupils used a metre long splint to cause fireballs in the member of staff’s hands.  Well done to Mr Coates, Mr Rees, Miss Haspineall and Mr White for facing the fire.

Science week is zooming along nicely

Today was the turn of Sam from Young Engineers to get our students designing and building. Students were set 2 challenges: generating the maximum amount of voltage from a self-designed wind turbine; building cars from scratch. For each challenge students had the opportunity to design, test and then refine their designs to make the fastest spinning turbines or the car that travelled the furthest. Sam linked this to real life engineering which is all about improving previous designs or, when things fail, starting all over again and showing resilience.


Science Week

Science week gets off to a buoyant start!

Today we were joined by marine engineer Les Mitchell, from Sea Cadets South West.  Students learnt about the importance of marine engineering from the size and design of ships, to breathing in submarines and building engines.  The students then got to design, build and test their own ‘ships’.  They were given 2 of the 3 dimensions of a boat and then set the challenge of finding out which could hold the most number of marbles using only wire, card, tape and foil.  By the end of the day, the record had been set of 340 marbles in one boat before sinking.  Designs ranged from traditional to more avant-garde, with a whole range in between.