Celebration at Intermediate Maths Challenge

Congratulations go out to Milo Wood Year 9 who has made it through to the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad after sitting the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge on the 1st February 2018. Approx 0.6% of the very highest performers are invited to take part in the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad. Around 3% of the top students are invited to sit a follow-on competition, the Intermediate Kangaroo. Ashton Park had 2 qualifiers for this round, Oliver Thomson and Botian Yang. Special congratulations go out to these year 9’s.

A massive well done to other 28 Year 9’s and Year 10’s who also sat the Challenge on 1st February 2018. The pupils at Ashton Park School achieved an impressive 2 Gold, 5 Silver and 7 Bronze certificates in this year’s Challenge. Over 250,000 pupils from across the UK sat the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge with roughly the top 6% receiving a gold certificate, the next 13% silver and the next 21% bronze.

Results for the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge were as follows:

Best in School : Milo Wood

Best in Year 10: Sally Ogle
Best in Year 9: Milo Wood

Gold Certificates – Milo Wood, Botian Yang

Silver Certificates – Oliver Thomson, Sean Bevis, Ted Ryle, Oscar Vernon, Ellie Foley

Bronze Certificates – Sally Ogle, Alex West, Anna Page-Ohillips, Troy Akabulut, Alfred Sansum, Malki Wijendra, Archie Barnett

UK Mathematics Trust

The Intermediate Mathematical Challenge is run by the UK Mathematics Trust, a registered Charity whose aim is to advance the education of children and young people in mathematics. Further information about the Trust and its activities is available at www.ukmt.org.uk.

Handfuls of Harmony

Handfuls of Harmony, the community choir set up by the South West Bristol Co-operative Learning Trust, starts its new term this month.

Why not come along on Thursday 22nd February 2018 for a FREE, no obligation taster session. No need to register, please just turn up. If you enjoy it, and want to continue for the term, the cost will be £50 for the eight weeks.  Open to adults of all ages, no experience is needed – we learn songs by ear, have fun and make a great sound together.

The term runs from Thurs 22nd Feb to Thurs 26th April with a break for Easter. (Rehearsal dates: 22nd Feb / 1st, 8th 15th & 22nd March / 12th19th & 26th April.) Rehearsals are held in E Block at Ashton Park School.

We will end the term with a performance on Sun 29th April 2018 at St Paul’s Church, Southville.

For more information, please go to: www.handfulsofharmony.org or see the Facebook event HERE

Year 10 Exams February 2018

Day Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4


9.10 – 10.10

MATHS B groups






10.45 – 11.45

ENGLISH A groups

SPORTS HALL                                    


12.00 – 1.00



2.05 – 3.05

ENGLISH B groups





9.10 – 10.10




10.45 – 11.45



12.00 – 1.00


2.05 – 3.05




9.10 -10.10

A groups

Drama A1

Business Studies

Geography A1 A2

History A1

Health and Social Care




10.45 – 11.45


12.00 – 1.00

C groups

Enterprise and Marketing


Food Studies

Geography C1

History C1 C2

Resistant Materials



2.05 – 3.05




9.10 – 10.10


10.45 -11 45


12.00 – 1.00

B groups

Computer Science B1

Drama B1

Geography B1

History B1



2.05 – 3.05










8.55 – 10.10

SCIENCE All groups


10.45 – 11.45

MATHS A groups




12.00 – 1.00



2.05 – 3.05


Hot chocolate with the Head

Today I had the pleasure of meeting the Year 7 Rugby team who had been referred to me for ‘Hot Chocolate with the Head’ by Mr Redman to acknowledge their contribution towards a very successful first season at Ashton Park School.

Go4Set STEM challenge

As part of the Go4Set STEM challenge, Mr Corker took 13 year 8 and 9 pupils on a secret mission to the Ministry of Defence In ………………  The site is only accessible to military personnel. Whilst there, the pupils were able handle some of the weapons that the military use on a day-to- day basis, without incurring a 5 year prison sentence.  They were also able to clamber over and inside fully working vehicles, including the Challenger 2 tank.  Some pupils had a particular soft spot for a certain armoured personnel carrier and were planning a road trip in it.  Pupils were allowed to take photos, but are not allowed to share them on social media, the MoD is watching…

Science Independent Learning Challenge

Well done to all students who gave in their first Science Independent Learning Challenge at the end of term 2.  Here are just a selection of the amazing pieces of work we received.  We are looking forward to this term’s challenge – make your own Science Fair Project: choose any subject you like and produce a project ready to be displayed in British Science Week in March.  You can even re-create a famous experiment with the help of the Science staff.  See Show My Homework for more details.

Careers Fair 2018

Ashton Park School

24TH January 2018  5.15 – 7.30pm

Over 70 exhibitors from a whole range of providers including:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • ICT
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Health & Social Care
  • Media
  • Hospitality
  • Accountancy & Finance
  • Law
  • Civil Service
  • Music
  • Sport

See the poster for more examples of providers.


2018 Prefects

The annual selection process for our Prefects took place at the end of the summer term with a wealth of excellent role models to choose from. Donning their new prefect hoodies and prefect badges they will take on a number of roles within our school community, working closely alongside staff and younger pupils. During terms one and two they have been visiting Year 7 and 8 tutor groups to assist students with their Accelerated Reading scheme, guiding parents around the school during our open mornings and assisting staff on break duty around the school site.

It’s been a pleasure to watch them mature as they’ve moved up through the school and to see them giving something back now they have reached Year 11. In the New Year they will turn their attention to organising the Leavers’ Celebrations, with a Prom venue to be decided and Year Book to compile!

Pictured above are the Senior Prefect Team and in the second photograph Stan (Head and Boy) and Ella (Head Girl) with the deputies who came through a rigorous interview to gain their position. (Left to right from back; Stan, Jaiquon, Charlie, Mimi, Keely, Ella).

Well done all from the House Leaders.

Every Tea Towel we sell will buy a mosquito net!

To put this in perspective, The World Health Organisation estimates that for every 20 nets given, the life of a child under 5 is saved. This exclusive T Towel costs £5.
Not bad when you consider what that money will be doing in 6 months time……..

Pop up to Mr Millers (and Mr Bessells) Office with the money to get your exclusive T Towel – but you must hurry as stocks are limited!