How much Sleep Did You Get Last Night?

Is your child getting enough sleep?
We know from speaking to many parents that you are concerned that your sons and daughters are not getting the sleep they need for an adolescent.
We also know that tiredness can cause all sorts of stumbling blocks to learning.
The year 9 assembly this morning was all about sleep and why our children need a good 8+ hours a night. We thought it might be something you would like to see too and it may be helpful if you are having those ”discussions” about bedtime and ‘ lights out” at home!
Jon Poole and Liz Tibbs.
Assistant and Head of Year 9.

Sixth form collaboration with Bristol City Community Trust

Sixth form collaboration with Bristol City Community Trust.


 Ashton Park School go into Partnership with trust

 School to support the Trust’s Level 3 provision

 Lessons to be delivered at Ashton Park and Ashton Gate

We are proud to announce our new partnership with the clubs educational team. The following is part of a press announcement from the club published recently:

Bristol City Community Trust is delighted to announce that it will partner Ashton Park School in the 2017/18 academic year.

Supporting the Trust’s Level 3 provision, the partnership will see students study a proportion of their weekly lessons at Ashton Park School, with the remainder being held at Ashton Gate Stadium.

Speaking of the partnership, Community Trust’s head of education Chris Stenner said: “The staff and students at the Trust are really proud of this partnership.

“It will not only enhance the vocational provision being offered at Ashton Park but also increase the opportunities available for young people to progress into further education.

“Furthermore, it will also provide young people in the South Bristol area the chance to study in an inspirational learning environment, giving them the best chance to leave with the skills that allow them to go on to university, apprenticeships or jobs.”

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with the Community Trust, and are very proud to be to be establishing a relationship that we believe will build success for the future for all young people in Bristol,” Ashton Park’s headteacher Nick John commented.

“We see this as a natural evolution and one of the key things we have been working on together is to address the needs and opportunities for young people in South Bristol, which doesn’t have the high quality provision our young people need and deserve.”

“It is going to be an incredibly exciting project,” said Ashton Park’s associate headteacher Steve Moseley.

“At Ashton Park School, we pride ourselves on our good quality A-Level provision, but we are always looking to develop vocational provision in South Bristol.

“We already know the Trust excel in the work they do at Level 3. The number of young people they take through their course and into university is fantastic and we hope to share our expertise with them, but we look forward to learning a lot from their excellent practice.”

Should any of our current year 11 students be interested in following a Football or Tennis related level three BTEC qualification then there are one or two places remaining for this coming September. Please contact Mr Moseley or Mrs Parry for further details.



Girls Football at APS Goes from Strength to Strength!

Girls football has gone from strength to strength at Ashton Park.

The year 7 team have been fortunate to receive weekly coaching sessions from the Bristol City Community Trust which has been great for all involved. The improvement in their skill level was demonstrated in a recent football festival where the girls put in some excellent performances throughout the day.

The Under 14’s have also had a very successful season competing in the Bristol School’s League. Some superb performances throughout the rounds saw them progress to the final. Unfortunately, despite the girl’s best efforts and never give up attitude they were defeated 5-2 to finish runners-up.

A fantastic season all round, well done girls.

We are already looking forward to next season!

Ms Blucher


Year 7 were treated to a spring treasure hunt with a difference – they were searching for bugs!  Volunteers from the RSPB worked with our students discussing how we can all ‘Make a home for wildlife’ and what we were hoping to find.  The volunteers then took the students outside to search for birds, bugs and more.  The most exciting finds were the slow worm and the mole but there were also some pretty impressive insects (including lots of millipedes).


Mathletes At The Ready

A team of students from Bath University gave our students the chance to learn about probability.  They competed in a dice-rolling horse race and gambled at cards to win a car or goat (no actual prizes were won).  Students learnt that probability can be placed on a scale from 0 – definitely not going to happen – to 1 – definitely will happen.

Trip to the Pond in Spring!

The year 7 nuture group went to the school pond on this beautiful Spring day to see if there was any signs of new life. They found various types of nymph, water snails and water boatman and thoroughly enjoyed their visit. They will return later in the Spring to see what else they can find.

How can you ‘Bend it like Beckham’?”

Sometimes footballers kick the ball so that it spins as it moves through the air. This causes the ball to move in the direction of the spin. This phenomenon is called ‘The Magnus Effect’. 8s2 made spinning cup toys to investigate this effect. They were able to see how the direction of spin changes the direction in which the cups moved.


The STAGES performers from Y7 and Y9 were brilliant. The choreography from Mrs Lonsdale, again did not disappoint. The timing, commitment and overall quality of performance from each dancer allowed the packed Colston Hall audience to enjoy two real show pieces. Well done to every performer. You were great.
Thank you so much to Mrs Lonsdale for the choreography and time given to ensuring the girls danced so well, to the parents for supporting the girls with late pick ups, encouraging their child to commit and to the performers of course for their enthusiasm and lovely dancing.
More information and pictures will follow.
Every Backstage Runner was from Ashton Park School! The responsibility they hold is quite huge - instructing schools what to do and where to be, collecting them from dressing rooms for the exact time of their rehearsal and actual performance and liaising with crew members and teachers from each of the 67 schools. They are 'working' from 8am to 10pm at night. They were superb - professional, courteous, helpful, responsible and totally committed to their job. We are extremely proud of them for volunteering and working so hard. Some of the runners have done this every year, for 4 years! Each Runner will be recognised and rewarded.
Mrs Winstanley and Mrs Lonsdale

Year 6 Parents’ Information

Welcome to the Ashton Park School community. Now that your child has secured a place at Ashton Park I am sure you are wondering ‘What happens next?’ I hope the following explanation of our “Progression” programme and important dates will answer some of your questions and set your mind at ease:

  1. Thursday 22nd June you are invited to a New Parents Intake Evening. During the evening you will be given much more information and have the opportunity find out about uniform. It is a busy evening and you are invited in two ‘shifts’ according to the primary school your child attends:
  2. During that visit we will be giving them a letter with details about the Parents’ Evening, Induction Day, uniform, buses etc. and all the practical information you may need.
  3. From May to June following the SATs we will visit all the primary schools and talking to the pupils who will be coming to us. Whether your child is coming with a large group of friends or is the only one from their school we will visit and talk to them.
    • 5:30 pm – Ashton Gate, Ashton Vale, Hillcrest, Southville, Compass Point
    • 7:00 pm – St Mary Redcliffe, Victoria Park, Luckwell, Parson St and all others
    • More details about the New Parents Intake Evening will be in the letter you will receive via your child when we visit them at their primary school.
  4. Thursday 6th July “Year 6 Induction Day” – All of ‘our’ Year 6 pupils are invited to spend the day with us. It is an opportunity for them to find their way to school, using the buses if necessary, meet their tutor group and tutor and get a feel for what it will be like as a Year 7 pupil. They will need to bring a packed lunch for that day.

In addition to this general programme some pupils will be invited in for extra induction sessions. This will be organised between us and the primary schools and will focus on those children who it is felt may need more reassurance and guidance.
I hope this information is useful. However, if you have other concerns please do not hesitate to contact me. Contact details are below.
We look forward to meeting you and beginning an important partnership that will help your child through their future education.

Paul Talarico
Assistant Headteacher