Curriculum – Key Stage 3 – History

Our aim is to help students discover how the way we live today has been influenced by past events.  We do this by taking them through a varied and engaging chronological study of British history where they can develop an understanding of how life changed over time.  During this, they will build key skills on how to analyse evidence to improve their understanding, but also on how to become critical thinkers who can question the world around them today.  We want them to leave us with an interest in history which will last a lifetime.

Links below will take you to knowledge organisers showing the content for each of these units. These are being developed over the period 2019 to 2021.

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
  • Why was religion a problem in Tudor times?
  • Was Elizabeth’s reign a Golden Age?
  • Why did so many people get involved in the Transatlantic Slave Trade?
  • How did life change in the Industrial Revolution?
  • Why was life so unhealthy in 19th C Britain?
  • Why did World War 1 break out?
  • What were people’s experiences of WW1?
  • What was the Holocaust?
  • What events led to the outbreak of WW2?
  • What were the key events of WW2?
  • Why was the Cold War so dangerous?

*NOTE: The history curriculum is in transition. We are teaching the new curriculum with Year 7 from Sept 2019 which is why it might look like some of our Year 8 units repeat Year 7 content.