Curriculum – Key Stage 3 – Maths

Mathematics is how we make sense of the physical world.  Our intention is to deliver a curriculum that inspires curiosity and enables students to be fluent & confident learners.  The subject matter will deepen understanding gained in KS2, widen boundaries of knowledge beyond traditional statutory content and exploit links across other subjects. All students will have the chance to experience success and be comfortable with challenge.
Links below will take you to knowledge organisers showing the content for each of these units. These are being developed over the period 2019 to 2021.
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Term 1: Getting the basics right

Term 2: Shapes

Term 3: Number

  • Binary
  • Properties of number – factors, multiples and primes
  • Place value, estimating, rounding

Term 4: Algebra

Term 5: Algebra

Term 6: Measure and data handling

Term 1 – Getting the basics right

Term 2: Shape

Term 3: Number

  • Number bases
  • Number-roots, squares, integers etc.

Term 4: Algebra

Term 5: Number and Algebra

Term 6: Ratio, proportion, and probability

 The GCSE course begins