Students should ensure that, as a minimum, they are prepared to learn and always bring to every lesson:

  • A pencil case with..
    • At least 1 pen (with a spare in case it runs out or breaks)
    • Pencil
    • Eraser
    • Ruler
    • Calculator
    • Protractor
    • Compass
  • A bag to carry it all

(A pencil sharpener and colour pencils/pens would also be very useful)

As a start, some equipment will be given to you on the Open Evening.

They should also remember to bring any special equipment, such as PE Kit, on the day that they have that lesson.

Basic equipment can be bought from School Reception but your child should come to school with all the necessary equipment each day.

All students are provided with a school planner, a robust folder, an accelerated reader book and a recording log which they are to carry with them at all times. The planner should be seen by parents/ carers on a regular basis to check homework etc. Staff may use this planner to write to parents/carers when they are concerned about the progress your child is making and to let them know when they have been pleased with something.

Students will also need a suitable bag for carrying their books and equipment. Lockers are available.

Exercise books and textbooks are provided by the school but students are responsible for looking after them. If these are lost or damaged, students (or their parents) may be asked to contribute towards the cost of replacement.