This page should hold all the information needed to help you (parent or student) get through the examination period.


All candidates should read the files below, these include the ‘Examinations Information Booklet’ and candidate warning notices. It is important to understand the rules and regulations of the exams before you sit them. The documents listed below will also be emailed to your student accounts.

• Information for Candidates – Onscreen tests
• Information for Candidates – Privacy Notice
• Information for Candidates – Social Media
• Information for Candidates – Written Exams
• Information for Candidates – Coursework Assessments
• Information for Candidates – Non Examination Assessments


Key Dates: The first written exam will be on 11 May 2020 and the last written exam will be on 24 June 2020.

Entry Information & Final Timetables: Provisional entry information is provided to students in February 2020. Final timetables confirming seat numbers and rooming will be provided in April 2020.

Exam Board Contingency Day: Exam Boards have notified all centres of a requirement for a ‘Contingency Day’.This is set for Wednesday, 24th June 2020. Parents and candidates should be aware that in the unlikely event of a major incident disrupting a day of exams, it is highly probable that the affected papers will be rescheduled to the contingency day.

Exam Reforms: Below is a link that contains a timeline of reforms and links to other supporting information that you may find useful: http://ofqual.gov.uk/qualifications-and-assessments/qualification-reform/

Please can all parties take this into account when booking their holidays. Contact Details: The Exams Office is located on A corridor opposite A10.

You can contact Mrs Maynard, the Exams Officer, by telephone on 0117 377 2777 ext. 2969 or by email on katemaynard@ashtonpark.net

GCSE results day:

Thursday 20 August 2020. Students can collect their results from school from 8.30am.

GCE (A and AS level) results day: Thursday 13 August 2020. Students can collect their results from school from 8.30am.

The School is unable to disclose results via email or telephone. If students are unable to collect results in person, please provide a signed letter giving authority for someone to collect on your behalf.

We are unable to provide results – even to parents – unless a letter has been provided by the candidate.

Alternatively please provide a stamped addressed envelope and we will ensure they are posted to you.


The School will try and remain open at all times for examination candidates.

Information about the School closing due to adverse weather conditions will be posted on our website – if there is no information on the homepage, the School will be open to all (students, staff and candidates).

If the School is closed to students, it will try and remain open to examination candidates wherever possible.

If you have official externally timetabled exams (those that are detailed on the individual timetables sent via the Exams Office), you will be able to sit them at the centre, provided you are able to get there.

If you are unable to attend you will need to contact the Exams Office to discuss. In the extreme case that the School is closed to all – a notice will be placed on our website.

If the Centre is unable to open for exams an alternative venue will be arranged. The Centre will also seek advice from the Examination Boards concerned to ensure no candidate is disadvantaged.

All internally conducted mocks, practicals and controlled assessments can be moved to another date under these circumstances – students will be informed of the new dates on their return to school.

Mocks and Internal Assessments
nternal and mock assessment week timetables for the current academic year can be found below. Students will be issued with an individual timetable confirming their room and seat numbers. 
– Year 8 – w/c 04/05/2020 : TBC
– Year 10 – w/c 15/06/2020 : TBC
– Year 12 – TBC
– Year 13 – w/c 03/02/2020 : TBC