Ashton Park School is part of the Gatehouse Green Learning Trust. This small multi-academy trust (MAT) has five schools in its membership: Ashton Park, Redland Green, Ashton Vale, Compass Point, Luckwell. The MAT was set up in July 2018 and operates to the rules laid out in its articles of association. Under the articles it has two ‘objects’ to which it is limited: one to run schools, the other to provide recreational facilities to the public.

The members are the people responsible for ensuring that the articles are followed. The members can be found here, they were the signatories to the set-up of the organisation. New members can be proposed by ‘Engagement Groups’ (of staff, parents or trustees) as and when required.

The members appoint trustees for the MAT. This group are the active governance of the MAT taking the legal accountability for it working well – financially, in the schools’ performance and in any issues such as safeguarding. They appoint the CEO of the MAT, currently Sarah Baker, formerly the head at Redland Green School.

The trustees of the MAT have developed a vision for it, in consultation with the schools that are members of it.

Each school has a Local Governing Board (LGB). The LGB is a ‘critical friend’ to the senior staff team. It is there to support and challenge staff on how the school is performing. It is also an advocate of the school in public and in discussions with the MAT, promoting and supporting actions that will be of benefit to Ashton Park School. The role of the LGB is evolving as the MAT structure evolves. In the hierarchy, the LGB sits between senior staff and the MAT trustees, however the staff have a direct relationship with trustees too, mainly through the CEO of the MAT.

Governors may be elected (usually the case for parent governors) or appointed to join the LGB. In either case, the normal term is for four years. Each governor brings a particular perspective to the LGB: some are experts in education (perhaps formerly teachers); others may have a business or community perspective; parent governors bring the perspective of parents into the meetings. Current school Governors are listed below.

Mike Hook

Local Authority Governor, Health & Safety Governor, Chair of Governors

Mike has been a Local Education Authority Governor at Ashton Park for more years than he cares to remember. He has previously served as a Governor at other schools in South Bristol from 1986 onwards. Mike was a teacher in Hastings from 1978 until 1983 when he stopped paid employment to look after his first and subsequent children. Having returned to Bristol – where he is originally from – and resumed his teaching career he decided on another change of direction. He began working for the Probation Service in 1994 and continued there in a number of operational and management roles until early 2016. Mike is currently retired. He has no business interests.
Term of Office 1.07.18 – 01.07.22

Jeff Hurran

Governor – Chair of Student Achievement & Welfare

Career: Accountant, Geography and Geology teacher in three Bristol secondary schools, Deputy Head Teacher in Swindon, Senior Lecturer Sustainable Development and International Development UWE (Bristol) and Associate Lecturer The Open University, Education Consultant in Environmental Education, Governor and then Chair of Governors Henleaze Junior School, retired.
Interests: Gardening, choral singing, walking, travel and languages, books, theatre, music – classical, jazz, world and folk, community development, understanding environments, climate change.
Educational priority: supporting teachers in encouraging children to be better involved in understanding their learning, raising achievement, supporting school governance.
Family: Daughter and son who attended state schools in Bristol.
Term of Office 1.07.18 – 01.07.22

Sara Frears

Parent Governor – Safeguarding Governor

My background is in Science, but my interests are wide ranging. I currently teach at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery and work as a Family Support Worker in a primary school in South Bristol. I have also been involved in a variety of voluntary work over many years, including teaching music, running a school gardening club, being on the board of an Industrial History Museum and working with Barnados and PACT. I am deeply committed to the Ashton Park School and my three children have all been pupils here.
Term of Office 1.07.18 – 01.07.22

Rory Gunter

Co-opted Governor

Between 1980 and 2016 having worked within various public sector roles, I have spent the last four working within Pupil Support at Ashton Park School. Being a Govenor at this excellent school has provided me the opportunity to continue to serve the local community.
Term of Office 1.07.18 – 01.07.22

Nick John

Term of Office 1.1.16 – 31.12.19

I have worked at Ashton Park school since 2003 as Assistant HT, Deputy HT and now as Headteacher. What attracted me to the school and remains a driving motivational force is the sense of community within Ashton Park. I am committed to work with our Governors and the Gate House Green Learning Trust to ensure all young people in our community have the best possible opportunities to succeed. I believe that schools achieve this best by developing effective partnerships, sharing resources and working in collaboration together. It is crucial that the school is at the heart of the community and that parents, students and partners have a clear voice and involvement so they can help Ashton Park School move forward.

Shenaide Blucher

Staff Governor

Term of Office 1.07.18 – 01.07.22

Lucy Rae

Parent Governor

I became a parent governor at Ashton Park when my oldest daughter was in Year 7 in 2016. I work for Bath and North East Somerset Local Authority supporting the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of children and young people through a healthy settings and schools programme. I also work as an independent consultant and trainer focusing on equalities, celebrating diversity and challenging stereotypes to ensure school is a positive place for everyone. I am passionate about ensuring positive mental health, the key factor in educational attainment and have a keen interest in developing PSHE and pastoral support.

Term of Office 16.09.18 – 16.09.22

Steve Sayers

Parent Governor
I am a parent of a child who joined the school in 2018. I joined the governors as I’m interested to use my skills and experience to help the school provide best possible experience for all children. I have been the CEO at Windmill Hill City Farm since 2011 and previously worked at Futurelab (an education research charity in Bristol) and At-Bristol (science centre). I have previous board experience as Chair of Trustees of Travelling Light (children’s theatre charity) and have served on the boards of other charities.
Term of Office 16.09.18 – 16.09.22

Eleanor West

Parent Governor

As a parent of a daughter in Year 9 and one in year 7 and an ex-pupil of the school, I am committed to the holistic vision for students.

I have 25 years of experience in the education sector, and currently work as a Senior Lecturer in Education at Bath Spa University.  I value working  collaboratively and would embrace the opportunity as Governor to support the mission to nurture caring and aspirational learners.

Term of Office 16.09.18 – 16.09.22

Martin Plaster

Co-opted Governor

Lucy Swingler

Co-opted Governor

I was born and brought up in Bristol and live in Southville.   I’m an award winning history and arts documentary producer.  Key to the success of my job is communication: from running my team to engaging with the general public and contributors.  I’m passionate about comprehensive education in the broadest sense and think the school should be striving for the highest aspirations not only academically but in the arts, sports and emotional welfare of children.

Term of Office 16.09.18 – 16.09.22

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