Kenya Textiles Bag Project 2018

Some of you may remember that last year a few year 9 textiles classes had the opportunity to get creative and make their own tote bags. We took these to Kenya to give to children in one of out partner schools – it was amazing and they adored them.

This year we have been hard at work to incorporate the project into our Year 9 Textiles scheme of work again. We are also opening up the project to the wider school and community with the help of the South West Bristol Co-Operative Learning Trust.

We can all get creative and share the experience, so exciting.

The official launch in school is mid April but if you would like to begin making over the Easter holidays please do!

You can get a step by step of how to make a tote bag at home by following the link below:

Plus a background as to why we have chosen bags as the context is really important.

Alternatively you can buy pre-made tote bags for as little as 50p in shops such as hobby craft and decorate them – some PSHE groups in school will get the opportunity to do this with Mr.Miller and Ms.Sharma in their lessons!

It is such a great project and brings so much joy through creativity, making and giving! Join in!

Any completed bags can be given to Ms.Sharma. We look forward to seeing all of your amazing creations!

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