Chemistry: A Level

Who do I speak to? Mr. John Stevens

Why study Chemistry?

AS & A Level syllabuses encourage concepts and key ideas to be developed slowly as the course progresses, thus ensuring that revision is an on-going process

The AS & A Level Level courses are lively, stimulating and interesting. School Chemistry is brought up-to-date by looking at the frontiers where the latest scientific discoveries are being made and by showing the importance of Chemistry in the modern world

A range of activities, including 12 assessed practicals, group exercises and discussions, data analysis, applications of ICT and simulations will form aspects of chemistry lessons.

What’s it all about?

• The AS course consists of two units: Inorganic Chemistry plus some Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry with some Physical Chemistry. In addition to this, practical skills are assessed during the year via 6 set practicals

The A Level course follows a similar pattern over the two years. In the second year a further 6 set practicals are completed.

When will I be assessed?

AS Chemistry – June in Year 12

A Level Chemistry – June in Year 13.

What could it lead to?

Chemistry can be studied with many other A Level subjects and may lead to a wide range of careers

in science, business and the arts

Past students have gone on to study forensic science, pharmaceutical research, chemical engineering, and pure chemistry at a range of Universities.

Additional entry requirements?

Automatic entry AA or better. With a BB you may be allowed to start AS Chemistry but this will be determined after an interview with the Head of Subject.