Mathematics in Context: AS Level

Who do I speak to? Mrs. Beatrice Parry

Why study Mathematics in Context?

• Studying Mathematics in Context will enable you to apply mathematical thinking and skills to the type of real world settings you will encounter in everyday life, in your work and in your further studies. It is about students doing meaningful mathematical problems and increasing their confidence is using and applying mathematics.

• Because it is very different in style and emphasis to the mathematics you are likely to have studied before, there is a freshness to this very new qualification that all of our students have thoroughly enjoyed.

What’s it all about?

It was developed to address the significant demand for practical mathematical skills for the workplace

It was developed to support both studies in other subjects such as science, sport, psychology, business and geography.

When will I be assessed?

• At the end of the course, based on themes such as House Prices, Vaccinations, Blood Groups, Population Growth, Eurovision Song Contest, Student Loans, Business Start-ups and Costings

• There are two papers lasting 1 hour 40 minutes at the end of the course: Comprehension and Applications, both using source documents from reference information and statistics available to the public.

What could it lead to?

• Enhanced career prospects and earnings

• Enhanced opportunities in higher education

• Improved decision taking in your everyday life.