Level 1 Course: Pathway to Independence

Group size

Maximum of 10 students

Criteria for access

  • Student’s primary or secondary Special Educational Need is speech, language and communication(SLCN)
  • Student has sufficient mobility to move independently around the 6th form block
  • Student is capable of basic self-help skills such as independently toileting and feeding
  • Student has gained at least Entry Level qualifications or has followed the equivalent certificated courses during KS4
  • Student has been educated in Mainstream or dual setting of Mainstream and Specialist provision prior to 6th form entry
  • Student has a Statement , Education, Health and Care Plan, or has received additional support in KS3/4
  • Student needs to be looking for a provision which, whilst providing a curriculum catering for this level of academic need, offers the full Mainstream 6th form experience. For example, the student will be expected to attend a tutor group with other students, use the common room or other social areas at break, lunch and free time and attend relevant 6th form social events.