Performing Arts – Dance: Level 3 Extended Certificate

Who do I speak to? Mrs. Lonsdale

Why study Dance?

You enjoy performing and choreographing dance work

You are willing to learn new forms of dance and have opinions to offer

You will help develop skills and techniques required to perform effectively in various forms of dance.

What’s it all about?

The qualification is split into four units (topics) to be studied over the two year course.

They will cover the range of experiences necessary to succeed in the world of Dance:

Exploring choreographic components to develop skills that are essential for further study of performing arts

Developing skills and techniques for performing to a live audience

Practicing and performing for group choreography.

Students will:

Carry out research and analysis about dance, its interpretation and use of stimulus

Develop communication and collaborative skills, with a focus on self-management, teamwork and participation in group performance (which develops confidence building)

Develop their ability to analyse and evaluate to improve performance

Have the opportunity to choreograph and lead school dance clubs for school and community shows.

When will I be assessed?

The work produced for each unit is continually assessed and feedback given by the teacher throughout the teaching of it. Each unit has assignments (coursework) that will have a deadline date and the work will be marked and given a final grade. Students will then start a new unit of work

Units are assessed using a grading scale of Distinction, Merit, Pass and Unclassified. Each level of pass carries points. The grand total of these points gives the final, overall grade for the L3 qualification

Three of the units are mandatory. Two units will be externally assessed

Mandatory content (83%). External assessment (58%).

What could it lead to?

Employment requiring a L3 qualification or progression to a higher education course

Work in the activity industry eg leading dance groups and choreographing own work.

The opportunity to develop all-round performance skills and transferable skills such as self-confidence, self-presentation, personal discipline, time management and organisational skills which are highly regarded by higher education and employers

An excellent foundation for candidates intending to pursue careers in teaching and choreographing dance, as well as pursuing their own interest and ability in dance performance.

Additional entry requirements?

• A genuine interest in dance and being willing to work collaboratively to develop a performance piece, then perform it, is required for this course

A BTEC Dance Level 2 qualification would provide a background to build upon, but is not essential

Being a member of a dance group, crew or troupe is beneficial, however this is not essential.