Sociology: A Level

Who do I speak to? Ms. McGirr/Mr. Rees

Why study Sociology?

• Sociology is a rigorous academic subject that is also rooted in the real world

• Studying Sociology A Level enables you to develop critical thinking skills and to analyse and interpret the world around you

• Sociology A Level goes well with most subject combinations and you may find that skills learnt in Sociology can support you in other subject areas – especially as a complement to other essay-writing subjects.

What’s it all about?

• Sociology looks beyond the day to day and asks what is the real nature of Society, why does it function like it does and for whose benefit?

• Sociology asks you to understand and apply key concepts such as Power, Gender, Ethnicity and Culture to important and topical issues such as the Family and Households, Education, Crime, Deviance and Religion which shape the world we live in

• AS Sociology is now a standalone qualification with two topics – Education with Methods in Context AND Research Methods with Topic in Sociology (the topic is Families and Households)

• A Level Sociology is two year course. The first year covers the two topics as in the AS above. In the second year students study a compulsory topic, Crime and Deviance. The second additional topic is Beliefs in Society

A Level students will be expected to show more range and depth of knowledge and understanding, along with more developed skills in analysis, interpretation and evaluation.

When will I be assessed?

AS students are assessed by two written exam papers at the end of Year 12.

1. Education with Methods in Context

2. Research Methods and Topics in Society (Families and Households)

Both papers are worth 50% of the AS and are both 1 ½ hours long.

A Level students are assessed by 3 written exam papers at the end of Year 13.

1. Education and Theory and Methods

2. Topics in Society (Families and Household AND Beliefs in Society)

3. Crime and Deviance

All papers are worth 33 % of the total A Level and are 2 hours.

What could it lead to?

• The independent study skills learnt in Sociology are an excellent preparation for University

• Sociology is an excellent subject for pursuing a career path in areas such as Law, the Police, Market Research, Medicine and Social Work.

Additional entry requirements?

• None.