Spanish: A Level

Who do I speak to? Mr. Ninnis

Why study Spanish?

• Learning a foreign language will put you ahead of the competition as only 38% of people in the UK speak a foreign language

• It will help your CV stand out in a crowded market place where competition for jobs is strong.

• You could earn up to 10-15% more than your monolingual counterparts.

• An A-Level in languages will open your eyes to a different culture, improve your knowledge of English and will develop your writing and speaking skills.

What’s it all about?

You will use the 4 core skills of Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing to help develop your knowledge and use of the Spanish language, gain a better understanding of the culture in Spain and Spanish-speaking countries, including their literature and films. You will cover four themes during the course:

1. This theme covers aspects of Spanish society, including such sub-topics as Family Structure, The World of Work and The Impact of Tourism in Spain

2. In this theme you will learn about the culture of Spanish-speaking countries or communities. The sub-topics cover Music, Media and Festivals and Traditions

3. Like the first theme, this focuses on society in Spain and covers the Positive Impact of Immigration on Spanish Society, The Challenges that Spain Faces through Immigration and Integration and The Public Reaction towards Immigration

4. This theme covers the key stages of modern Spanish history: The Civil War, The Dictatorship of General Franco and The Transition from Dictatorship to Democracy.

When will I be assessed?

We follow the Edexcel specification. You will complete the A Level exams at the end of Year 13. You will complete your exams between April and June of Year 13.

• Paper 1 examines your Listening, Reading and Translation skills in a 2-hour exam that is worth 40% of your overall mark

• IPaper 2 tests your extended writing on literary texts and/or a film, as well as your skills in translating into Spanish. It is a 2 hour and 40 minute exam which is worth 30% of the overall mark

• Paper 3 will see students facing 2 tasks, one researched and the other spontaneous, which require them to demonstrate their Speaking skills. The exam lasts for up to 23 minutes and includes preparation time and discussion. This paper is worth 30% of the overall mark.

What could it lead to?

• The British Council put Spanish at the top of its list of languages that the UK needs most in the coming years.

• Spanish is the 3rd most spoken language on the planet with 406 million people counting themselves as Spanish speakers (including 50 million in the United States)

• It is an official language on 4 continents and in 21 countries.

• Spanish is offered at degree level by more than 70 universities in the UK.

Additional entry requirements?

• A minimum of a Grade B is required at GCSE in Spanish.