Ashton Park Uniform Expectations


At Ashton Park we want you to be proud of your School, Year Group and House. Students wear the following uniform:

Blue sweatshirt with house colour

White polo shirt with house colour

Tailored black knee-length skirt & tights

Tailored black trousers

Flat, plain black school shoes






Skin-tight trousers

Trainers/Shoes in/with other colours


You must have a note from home if you aren’t wearing any of these items. Along with your tutors staff will be checking uniform each day.

Hair Colour – Extremes of fashion, dress or appearance are considered unsuitable for school. This extends to hairstyles, with only ‘natural’ hair colours permitted.


Jewellery – A minimum amount of jewellery is permitted in school on the grounds of health and safety. Earrings should be studs only and stretchers / tunnels are not permitted. Facial piercings are NOT acceptable and MUST NOT be worn as directed by Governors. All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons.


Skirts – Skirts should be of a respectable knee length, tailored (not tight lycra) and black. This is to make them suitable for moving around our large site.


Shoes – Shoes and trainers worn to school should be solid black. Students should be bringing a change of shoes for their PE lessons.


Trousers – These should be tailored trousers. Jeans styled trousers are not acceptable and are easily identified as such if they have rivets and jean style stitching on the legs and/or back pockets.


Leggings – Leggings are not suitable for school and must not be worn without a skirt. Socks worn with leggings should be white or black.


We’re very proud of our school and want you to look your best! Make sure that your name is on all of your clothes – a job for you to do during the summer!