Physics Video Competition

Our year 7 scientists took up the challenge to make a 2-minute video to answer a physics based question. Questions ranged from ‘What happens if you don’t wear a space suit in space?’ to ‘Why do boomerangs come back?’. The students were allowed to choose their question and film the answer in any format they wished. There were over 45 videos produced and each teacher had to select one video per class to be entered into the official Ogden Trust Physics Video Competition. We are eagerly awaiting the official results but the producers of all eight chosen videos will be having hot chocolate with the head this term. The 8 videos will be available to view through the school website but here are links to 2 of them. We hope you enjoy them (and perhaps learn some physics along the way).

Time, in Physics:

What would happen if you went into space without a space suit on?:

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