The Watersports 2018 trip

The Watersports 2018 trip has been busy since arriving in the resort – Azu Rivage. The journey was ok really and seeing the sunset as we docked in Calais was a nice touch.
After the 20 hours of travelling, as the coach approached our home for the week, we were welcomed with a tunnel of waving Rockley staff and after a quick breakfast and welcome, we were on the water for kayaking.
The lake is warm and very inviting.

Kayaking saw lots of going around in circles to start with, causing much hilarity, especially when kayaks were capsizing along the way. Everyone got the hang of it though, just in time to go through the crocodile-infested waters by ‘Pirate’s Cove!’ 😉
After a lovely lunch of fresh fruit, baguette and cheese, it was time for reapplying the sun cream and our next activity – biking. The flat, wide cycle paths took us through farming areas and we were able to practice ‘Bonjour’ to several passing local cyclists.
To finish the session by running straight into the lake for some splashing or playing volleyball in the grassy shade was good fun. For some, that was not enough activity for one day and they made use of the basketball/football area before dinner.

There are six schools at the Rockley campsite. All schools do their activities separately and spend the meal times together. The evening entertainment for Ashton Park was about how they could solve active problems by working together. These were all performed as an electric storm built momentum and lightning flashed through the sky. The torrential rain came at about 3am, along with loud thunder which woke several of us, but everyone this morning tells me it was quite exciting!
As I type Ashton Park are raft building. They will then see which of the rafts takes their weight and allows them to use it on the lake………… place your bets now.
Everyone has fully joined in with everything, eaten well and so far seem to have been semi-cautious with their money, and even cleaned their teeth this morning without being reminded​ – so they say 🙂

More updates when we are not having an amazing time. It’s windsurfing this afternoon
A Bientot!

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