The Timetable

ap-parent-2016-17-_pdfIn Ashton Park School, different teachers will teach your child for each subject in different teaching rooms. Lessons start and finish at a set time and your child will learn to follow the daily timetable moving from one room to another. Understanding the timetable will be one of the activities carried out on their first day. At first this may seem daunting, but students are able to cope within a very short time. Older students and staff will be looking out for any Year 7 student who appears to be lost.

A two-week timetable is in operation at Ashton Park School and it is really important that you and your child know whether it is Week 1 or Week 2 on the timetable. If you are unsure which week it is, you can find it on the Home Page of the website:

Your child will be given an extra copy of his/her timetable to bring home for you, so that you can help them cope with preparing for the next school day. If your child received extra support at Primary School it is possible that he/she will continue to get some help from our Special Needs Department.