The Tutor & The Tutor Group


Your child will be in one of eight tutor groups of about 28 children. Consideration has been given to friendships and special requests to be apart from or remain with other students when deciding who should be in which tutor group. Once tutor groups have been decided, changes will only be made when it is considered to be in the in the best interests of all involved. Many early concerns are soon overcome. The tutor group will have a tutor and the aim is that he/she moves up with the tutor group each year.

The day starts with a tutor period. Your child will be registered during this time. In Year 7 some lessons are also taught as a tutor group. This will provide the opportunity to settle into Ashton Park School alongside a group of other children whom he/she will get to know really well. As your child progresses through the school teaching groups are increasingly made up of students from across the year.

The regular contact between your child and his/her tutor will ensure that a close eye can be kept on your child and that he/she receives the help and support needed to achieve success and to take full advantage of all aspects of their secondary education experience.

The tutors should be your first point of contact in all issues both academic and social and where necessary they will keep the Head of Year informed.