I wanted to keep you up to date with the latest position at Ashton Park School.

Regrettably, staff absence due to self isolation has continued to increase since my letter on the 18th of March and we continue to be unable to fully staff the school safely. Therefore we have made the decision that we will be ​CLOSED​ for students in​ year 8, 9, 10​ ​AND 11 ​on Friday 20th March. Year 11 will have an assembly this afternoon to update them and reassure them that we will find a fitting opportunity at a later date to celebrate their time with us.
Lessons will continue as normal for years 7 and Sixth form​. This will allow us to continue to support the youngest members of our school community and those pupils who have qualifications that can be completed.

As per my previous letter if you have a child in year 8, 9, 10 or 11 and wish to continue to send your child to school due to personal circumstances (e.g. you are a front line worker, in the NHS or you have reason to believe your child can not be at home unattended) we can make alternative arrangements. Please contact familysupportworkers@group.ashtonpark.net​ or ring 0117, 377 2777 asking to speak to the Family Link Workers. We will arrange an adapted timetable for them for Friday. Your child should register in the link building on arrival to school.

Please click here for information about how we will continue to support our young people during this closure. We will continue to update you all regarding the ever changing position.

We thank you for your ongoing support of the school at this challenging time

Nick John


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