World Book Day 2019

“Great books help you understand, and they help you feel understood.”

Each year the bar is raised to support World Book Day, keep the profile of reading high and provide good quality books for all our students.   This year it certainly didn’t disappoint and neither did our students, staff and parents. Showing their strength of support the Parent HUB redesigned the day to incorporate book donations with the competitive element there was a much greater focus on the tutor groups working together.

Well over 1000 excellent quality books were donated to be given a new lease of life for the next reader; they were brought in by students, dropped off by parents and some even arrived by delivery driver!  The Parent HUB followed this up by a number of parents coming into school over 3 days to help gather the books into the library, organise and sort them ready to be entered onto this system, onto the shelves and into our pupils’ hands.

Year 7 romped home in the lead with 7PSC the winning tutor group with 174 donations and 7TL a close (but not too close) second with 127 donations.   It appears the donations are not yet over with more books coming in daily!  While there was so much effort made from everyone involved from many departments I’d like to make special mention to the Maths and Science for sweeping the top spots in fancy dress…again!  Well done to Miss Ladd, Mr Flower and Mr Turner for their first to third podium positions.

In enhancing our library for all and engaging readers we need to stock it with the right range and ability of high quality books for our diverse audiences.  What we’re really short on at the moment is middle years; non-fiction for boys (If you know Accelerated Reader this is book colour Orange).  For example this might be books for 12 -14 year olds, levels 4 -6, non-fiction.  Themes of sport, space travel, science, dangerous animals and cars are all very popular.

If you have any to donate please drop into reception or send in with your child. It’s easy to find out how and what to donate; simply head over the Parent HUB section of the school website here Parent HUB and click on ‘Accelerated Reader – Donate Books’.  Thanks again to everyone involved.  A fabulous day and collaborative effort.

Mr Talarico

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